meet the team

should you wish to get in touch with any of us, please email us on info@konvergencie or send us a message on Facebook Messenger Facebook Messenger

Jozef Lupták

festival director
The heart of the festival in every meaning of this word. His name is synonymous with the pulsing life of chamber music in different cities in Slovakia. A caring cellist who grants his cello with travel around Europe, America and New Zealand, as well as wellness stays at Master Classes in Slovakia or Italy. In addition to his musical journies he works at the festival all year around and his cordial approach kindly fills Konvergencie / The Convergence with the best kind of humanity.

Lea Majerčáková

general manager
Incredibly capable and practical executive force, who never fails to surprise thanks to her ideas and their implementation. Many have tried to name what makes her the most organised manager with such a fantastic move to the goal with almost zero chance of not scoring, but so far nobody has been able quite put a finger on it. Because to think of every detail, whilst beautifully raising two little sons and to shine wherever she enters, only a legend like Lea knows.

Andrej Šuba

A musicologist, an excellent expert who writes engaging and concise texts. And sometimes he even manages it on time. However, he also has many practical uses, such as hosting press conferences or presenting pre-concert talks about music. In the evenings, instead of playing puzzle, he is creating festival dramaturgy and he is repeatidly fulfilling his dreams by presenting world-class music projects in the domestic district.

Zuzana Číčelová

graphic designer
When you see Konvergencie / The Convergence, it is thanks to Zuzka. All the visuals that meet the eye passed through her hands. She works hard like a bee and hides her keen eagle's eye behind an incredibly delicate look. It is very disarming to see her modesty and dedication to work and every communication with her is a delight. And as recent years have shown, she has become a grafic icon worth following. In her free time she enjoys going to concerts and sticking Konvergencie letters on selected stages.

Ivana Schwarz

PR manager
The festival promo is her cup of tea, communication with media and partners is her strenght, together with her production skills which she uses to enrich the festival. The secret for happiness lies in good relationships, and that is why her contacts and joyfull meetings fill up the calendar. And don't get fooled by her dark surname - if you don't manage to make her laugh, you'll be missing out - you won't find a prettier smile.

Ivica Horáková

She ensures flexible and smooth transport, accommodation, well-being and comfort for the artists in their temporary Convergence family. She loves working with a team and being useful makes her very happy. She is constantly looking for that fine line between humor and life and she very often struggles to find it. She is not too worried though, because she knows that the answer to almost anything can be found in a well-prepared spreadsheet. And because she likes to work well, when it comes to well-prepared spreadsheets she is not only top class but also ours.

Ema Garajová

A typical multifunctional woman as rare as saffron. Born in Tatra mountains and with a good production overview, she has an optimistic approach to tragic scenarios and solves all problems with abundance of interesting alternatives and solutions. She is a breath of fresh air for the festival sails and her ideas and work enthusiasm with a pinch of humor are very likely her diagnosis. She perfectly coordinates the uncoordinated human work force and in an unguarded moment she even manages to cultivate the prefromers' cloak rooms. And yes, she gets on with it on the Radio as well. See? She is amazing!

mária hejtmánková

PR manager
Je najčerstvejšou posilou konvergenčného tímu. Rada roky komunikuje s médiami a vysvetľuje im prečo je program, ktorý kultúrna scéna produkuje taký výnimočný a úžasný. Majka sa zároveň dokáže pre projekt nadchnúť do hĺbky a jej nákazlivá radostná energia posúva všetky zásadné a podstatné informácie novinárom aj s vlnou nadšenia a lásky k špičkovému umeniu.

rút cimermanová

masterclass organizátorka
She has decided to focus her life on Banská Bystrica for several years now, and that is why the audience has to be silenced by other members of the team when making noise with candy. But if you have talent worth developing, you will certainly meet Rút as she is still helping us out with organisation of our concerts.

Adrian Rajter

A quiet but distinctive shadow player, who is in fact a programe inventor for Konvergencie / The Convergence. He rarely comes to the meetings in person, but his trace in the music flow of the festival is indelible and undeniable. His ear in combination with fantastic memory, musicological and language skills are an amazing treasure hidden by our festival team. ;