Touch with sound / BOOK WITH SIGNATURE

Jozef Lupták in an interview with Ivan Ježík

In an interview with Ivan Ježíšek, Jozef Lupták talks about the search for his own artistic expression, about Slovak music in the world and the world in Slovakia, and about the intricate paths of the festival, which today is one of the key musical events in the country. The book was published by the MONOKEL publishing house as part of the Blue Armchair edition, book interviews with people who, with their talent and effort, persistently change their surroundings and country for the better.

“For me, sound is paramount. It is the primary way how a perfomer can touch their listener. Sound is essentially a physical matter. I create it manually, resonate the instrument in a certain way, and that’s it. The sound flies through the air, it touches your ear, then your body and everything, so in a way, I touch that person through the sound. And through the sound comes the character of my interpretation, my personality, my expression, my thinking, and therefore by listening to it, one can naturally find out the most. It is the first signal. “


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Touch with sound / BOOK WITH SIGNATURE

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