No to war | Lubimov plays Silvestrov (limited edition)

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Recording from the concert on 25 September 2022 in the Large Concert Studio of the Slovak National Theatre during the 23rd International Chamber Music Festival Konvergencie.

We are very grateful to have been able to perform a concert at the 2022 Konvergencie Festival, where Russian pianist Alexey Lyubimov played works by his Ukrainian friend Valentin Silvestrov. This connection was an expression of our attitude towards the war in Ukraine. It also sent a signal that freedom, friendship and respect are the values on which a functioning society is based. The concert was an extremely powerful experience, which is why we decided to release it as a physical and digital CD. The rich booklet includes texts by Lucie Stasselova, Daniel Pastircak and Alexey Lyubimov himself. The CD is available for sale in a limited number of 300 copies and 300 copies of the digital album.

“I find it sad that the name and music of Valentin Silvestrov, undoubtedly one of the most interesting composers of today, became known worldwide only in connection with the war in Ukraine. I have been playing his works, several of which were dedicated to me, since 1968, and during these 35 years we have become close friends. I have thus witnessed the stylistic transformations of Silvestrov’s music: from the avant-garde to the post-avant-garde, the new simplicity to the metaphorical style. In each of these styles one can feel the very personal and distinctive voice of an exceptional composer. The compositions on this recording sound seemingly like music of the past. However, they are a metaphor for the musical beauty we can recall in our memories. And in this melancholic beauty, with its sadness and joy, there is more power than in the aggression that the world is under today.”

Alexey Lyubimov

“Music remains a song (…): it is neither a philosophy nor a worldview.”



Valentin Silvestrov (1937)

1) 3 Bagatellen/3 Bagatelles Op. 1 (2005)

2) 4 Stücke/4 pieces op. 2 (2006)

3) Kitsch-Musik (1977)

4) 3 Walzer mit Postludium/3 waltzes with postlude op. 3 (2005 – 2006)

5) Der Bote/The Messenger (1996)


(1938 – 2020): 6) Volodymyr Huba (1938 – 2020): Confessions

Alexey LUBIMOV, piano/piano

Album contains: music CD, booklet, download code for audio files

Publisher: Konvergencie, 2022

Edition: Konvergencie LIVE

SOZA – BIEM: 1749-013-2

EAN: 8588006338119

recording: RTVS – Radio and Television of Slovakia
mix & mastering: Martin Čema / Andrej Šuba / Jozef Lupták

℗ RTVS – Radio and Television of Slovakia and Konvergencie – Society for Chamber Arts, o.z. 2023

© o.z. Konvergencie 2023

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No to war | Lubimov plays Silvestrov (limited edition)

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