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Common Playgrounds – an album from an unforgettable concert. Slovak children’s folk songs, Tibor Feledi’s jazz quintet, a 30-member choir, a string quartet and a full courtyard of the Old Town Hall in Bratislava – that was the concert “Common Playgrounds” at the Konvergencie Festival in autumn 2022. The response was so strong and the recording so successful that we bring it to you on CD and LP. Because there is never enough good music.

More about the title

We love it when something new and inspiring is created. Common Playgrounds brings together several musical and human planes – Slovak folk songs, modern jazz, string quartet, choir – these connections are close to our hearts at Konvergencie. We combine to create something new. At the Konvergencie festival we succeeded in this, the concert was so well played and had such a good atmosphere that we decided to take this experience further. We hope that you will enjoy this music as much as we did when we listened to it in the courtyard of the Old Town Hall in September 2022.


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Track list

  1. Little Songs
  2. It Rains
  3. The Sun Awakens
  4. Dínom, dánom
  5. Spinus Spinus
  6. The Golden Portal

Album contains: music CD, booklet, code to download audio files

Publisher: Konvergencie, 2023

Edition: Konvergencie LIVE

SOZA – BIEM: 1749-012-2

EAN: 8588006338102

Common Playgrounds

Live at Konvergencie Festival 2022

Tibor Feledi Kairos Quintet

Tibor Feledi – keyboards
Lenka Molčányiová – alto saxophone
Michal Cálik – trumpet
Michal Šelep – bass guitar and synth
Juraj Dávid Raši – drums


Slovak Radio Children and Girls Choir, Adrian Kokoš – conductor, artistic director


Karolína Krigovská – violin
Tereza Kučerová – violin
Mária Ščerbáková – viola
Marcel Petráš – cello

composition and arrangements: Tibor Feledi

The creation of the arrangements from public funds was supported by the Fund for the Support of Art, with a financial contribution from the Music Fund.

recording engineer: Martin Čema | Cobra Sound
mix & mastering: Martin Čema, Tibor Feledi
ilustrations: Natália Feledi Raková
design & layout: Jakub Mikula
production: Konvergencie – spoločnosť pre komorné umenie, o.z.

Common Playgrounds (CD)

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