Instrumental lullabies not only for children from Slovakia, Moldova, Ruthenia and Croatia.

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The idea to record lullabies originated in 2015, when he had exactly as many as our eldest son Jonathan Amos – fourteen. It took me so long to get them to really record them for our (and other) children. My friends, great musicians – Boris, Braňo, Marcel, Štefan helped me mainly. We are united not only by professional and friendly relationships, but also by the fact that we are all fathers of smaller or larger children.

Lullabies from Slovakia – western, central or eastern, but also Ruthenian, Moldovan or even one Croatian. Each of the musicians had the task of choosing lullabies that address him, to whom he has a personal relationship. And everyone arranged them themselves.

This created songs that the child does not underestimate as a listener. On the contrary, they value it as a precious treasure that can develop with every note heard and played by us. The fact that children can listen to these songs at the most intimate moment, while falling asleep, is our privilege and responsibility to bring something special.

Jozef Lupták, July 2015

Album contains: music CD, booklet, folder, illustration, download code

Jozef Lupták – cello
Boris Lenko – accordion, bandoneon
Štefan Bugala – vibraphone
Marcel Comendant – dulcimer
Branislav Dugovič – clarinet, bass clarinet

Recorded on June 15-18, 2015 in the Great Music Studio RTVS

Mix and mastering: Robert Pospiš & Martin Sillay / Real Music House

Publisher: Konvergencie, 2015

VERSION: Slovak + English


  1. USPÁVANKA, M. Schneider–Trnavský, arr. Štefan Bugala
  2. MARUTA, moldavská, arr. Marcel Comendant
  3. ČIERNE OČI, slovenská, arr. Štefan Bugala
  4. OVEČKA, Ivan Valenta, arr. Jozef Lupták
  5. DOINA, moldavská, arr. Marcel Comendant
  6. A ĽUĽAJ MI, ĽUĽAJ, rusínska, arr. Boris Lenko
  7. ZAHRAJTE MI TICHÚČKO, slovenská, arr. Štefan Bugala
  8. BELIŽE MI, BELI, slovenská (Hrochoť), arr. Jozef Lupták
  9. EJA, ĽUĽU MI, ĽUĽU 1, rusínska, arr. Boris Lenko
  10. EJA, ĽUĽU MI, ĽUĽU 2, rusínska, arr. Boris Lenko
  11. PASTIER, ČO STÁDO MILUJE, slovenská, arr. Jozef Lupták
  12. SPI, DIEŤATKO, SPI, slovenská, arr. Branislav Dugovič
  13. UŠNIŽE MI, UŠNI, slovenská (Šariš), arr. Boris Lenko
  14. LIMBORA, slovenská, arr. Branislav Dugovič
  15. ZASPAL PAVE, chorvátska (istrijská), arr. Boris Lenko
  16. ĽUĽAJ MI, ĽULAJ, SOKOLE, rusínska, arr. Boris Lenko
  17. DOBRÚ NOC, MÁ MILÁ, slovenská, arr. Branislav Dugovič
  18. NANI NANI, moldavská, arr. Marcel Comendant



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