More Chassidic Songs

The second continuation of the successful title Hasidic Songs performed by Bratislava Rabbi Baruch Myers and leading performers Boris Lenko, Jozef Lupták and Miloš Valent.

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Hasidic songs will catch your heart. They are old and new, happy and sad, with and without words, full of strong emotions. Melodies play an important role among them, because according to Hasidic teachings, words limit spiritual expression. However, there are also songs with lyrics that come from stories or psalms. In a perfect interpretation by professional musicians Jozef Lupták, Boris Lenka and Miloš Valent, led by Rabbi Baruch Myers, they offer an exceptional experience. The project was first performed at the Convergence Festival in 2008, and since then it has had a number of concert performances and two CD titles.

“Hasidic songs are a journey from the very old to the whole new, from folklore to jazz, from deep sacredness to profane everyday life, a journey from the sanctuary of the synagogue to the courtyard of the Gentiles. From that trip you can see a peaceful, almost romantic landscape, but also an anxious abyss. We rest on the tops of the mountains, escaping from the valley of the tone of death. It is a beautiful and adventurous journey. ”Juraj Kušnierik, 2010

Album contains: music CD, booklet

Recorded from October 2016 to January 2017 in the Big Concert Studio RTVS

Recording, mix and mastering: Robert Pospiš & Martin Sillay / Real Music House

Publisher: Konvergencie, 2017


  1. Im Esak Shamayim
  2. Alter Rebbe‘S Nigun
  3. Nigun Shabbes Ve-Yom Tov
  4. Harninu Goyim Amo
  5. Zhebiner Hartz
  6. Nye Zhuritzi Chlaptzi – Chot Mi Chudi
  7. Nigun of Sholom Charitonow
  8. March
  9. Ribono Shel Olam
  10. Eh, you little earth

More Chassidic Songs

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